Martin Freeth has three areas of consultancy.   He works with clients in strict confidence and with a focus on value to them.    Initial consultations are free of charge .   All approaches are welcome  -

Effective communications are essential for success in any business.  Corporate leaders and managers need to understand their stakeholders and operating environment – and to wield positive influence such that investors, customers, regulators and others will give support.  That’s what corporate communications are really all about – two-way understanding, influence and support.

Such communications are most effective when professionally planned and implemented to enhance corporate strategy and management capability, and to anticipate and deal with the demands of the operating environment.

Martin Freeth is very experienced in all forms of corporate communications, both as a consultant and senior manager.  He has specialised in investor communications for public companies when they are raising capital, engaged in merger & takeover activities, meeting information disclosure obligations and/or reporting to shareholders and markets.

Corporate boards and managers find close professional communications support can be extremely valuable.

‘Sustainability’ is now a core concept in the planning and reporting of businesses and Crown entities.  This can take many forms but all involve some engagement with stakeholders – and some analysis of issues that matter to them and to the company or Crown entity.  

Issues are said to have materiality to the extent that they affect a company or entities’ strategy and performance.

Martin Freeth will identify and explore your organisation’s material issues, research stakeholders’ interests and perspectives in these issues, and report back for the purposes of planning and/or external reporting.  Martin is experienced and skilled at applying the Integrated Reporting framework <IR> for stakeholder research and issues analysis, and at systematic <IR> materiality assessment.

Materiality matters increasingly as New Zealand companies and Crown entities move to sustainability planning and reporting.


Business success often requires securing agreement from other parties when differences and problems arise.  The best agreements are built out of clarity on the various interests at stake, with excellent advocacy from one or both sides, and through processes of skilful negotiation (sometimes also involving a mediator).

Agreement building can result in formal or informal outcomes, between two or more parties on any type of issue.  The most effective advocates know how to analyse issues, to engage people in difficult circumstances, and to inform and influence through great communication.

Martin Freeth is a trained and experienced in interests-based negotiation and mediation (Associate Member of the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand).  He gives close and confidential support to business decision makers.

Agreement building between and within businesses can be critical to success, especially in today’s complex and rapidly changing world.




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