Corporate communications

Company reporting

More than ever companies and other entities need to report with clarity and meaning on their financial, social and economic performance and intentions.

Mergers & acquisitions

To be successful at least cost, any business merger or acquisition requires consistent, well-timed and effective communications with shareholders and owners, employees, customers, suppliers and other interested parties.

Marketing PR

Public relations are fundamental to any coordinated programme of branding and marketing. PR is about telling the story behind a company, product or service -- and making it relevant to the people who matter to the success of that company, product or service.

Issues management

Public voice

Leaders need a clear and credible public voice to be truly effective on any issue. The best public voice is authentic, consistent with facts and meaningful to the intended audience.

Stakeholder analysis & engagement

Every organisation needs a "social licence to operate" - some degree of support, approval or acceptance from others with a stake in what the organisation is trying to achieve and how. It really pays to analyse and understand stakeholders, and to retain or build the "licence" through effective two-way communication.

Media activity

Effective communication on any issue requires media activity - it might be securing editorial content, the use of advertising channels and/or engaging stakeholders on social media.


Commentary writing & blogging

Leaders often turn to journalism to explain issues, and to articulate perspectives and solutions. Media - online and off-line - has a huge appetite for well written commentary in journalistic form.

Publications editing

Businesses and other entities can really strengthen credibility and influence through their own publishing activity, online and off-line. With professional help, magazines and newsletters create value for stakeholders by helping them to understand more of the world.


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